The War on Christmas; is it real or just a fabrication by the conservative right? True or false, the debate is definitely making airwaves as it pertains to the festive period. Some believe [mainly conservatives and Christians alike] that there is indeed a crusade by progressives to undermine the holiday season. Tie in the rumor of universities adopting more liberal beliefs where impartiality should be commonplace, will definitely warrant an investigation into what is really going on. So, is Christmas doom? I will let you know.

It’s no secret that the foundations of modern society is being rebuilt to accommodate more secular policies like the institution of same sex marriage and pro-abortion beliefs to name a few; all which drives it from the traditional values we grew up knowing in favor of diversified ones. As a result we are witnessing liberals coming out of the wet works to forward even more of their ideologies—which isn’t a problem (the right to free expression). However, the claims that said liberals are now imposing on traditional holidays such as the Christmas season is something entirely different.

According to a report from CBS Atlanta, an Augusta hospital has implemented a new policy that bans the singing of Christmas carols to patients—citing it’s out of respect to all beliefs and religions. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t one religion being condemned here? So how is it in respect to all religions—see my point. According to another report from, a school district in New Jersey has put a ban on Christmas carols at elementary schools—even omitting the word “Christmas” from its calendar of events for December. The decision was motioned based on letters from a religious freedom advocacy group called Alliance Defending Freedom. These incidents are just a tip of the numerous I came across during my research, so it can safely be said that there is some sort of agenda against Christmas. As to whether these groups are working in unison or independently is not certain.

What is certain is that the anti-Christmas movement is even spreading to big time retailers where employees are being instructed to say “Happy Holidays” over “Merry Christmas”. Employers and shop owners again are asserting that the decision is based on not offending others of different religions. So are they not offending Christians by not saying Merry Christmas or undermining it? Secondly, where is the tolerance that liberals continuously advocate when it comes to hearing the greeting “Merry Christmas” despite not believing in the holiday? Even more importantly why are non-believers cashing in on store discounts which are as a result of the Christmas season? Aren’t they supposed to be all angry and anti-Christmas—wouldn’t staying home and not participating better support their cause?

I originally thought nothing of this Christmas war; believing it’s not that dire of a situation—not until however, I personally witnessed trinkets of anti-Christmas sentiment. Like the examples below, straight from the doldrums of my Facebook newsfeed:

Screenshot_2013-12-26-15-35-42 Screenshot_2013-12-26-15-39-59

These opinions may come off as irrelevant to most, but let’s not forget it only takes a spark to ignite a wild fire. Whether these characters were just trying to be “cool” by bashing on Christmas or not, there is no denying that the trend is there. So the question right now is where’s the tolerance? A good portion of the world has opened its arms and accepted that some people are gay—some are vegetarians and others are atheists. So why not tolerate a person’s freedom to express a belief without prejudice or scrutiny as to not allegedly “offend others”. I can guarantee that no one is being offended; rather it’s a ruse to impose their ideologies in the hopes of breaking traditions they don’t agree with altogether. I can tell you personally that’s my belief as to what’s going on.

Another thing that has me thinking is whether progressives will exploit the beliefs of other religions as a means to forge an alliance in taking down Christmas. Case in point: it’s no secret how Muslims feel about Christianity and in extension the Christmas holidays—it’s a no go. After all Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East; thus, forcing them to practice their faith in seclusion. Their churches are being burned or demolished, and those caught are forced to renounce their religion. And if this wasn’t enough, Muslims are now attacking the mythical character known as Santa Claus. According to the Hurriyet Daily News from Turkey, a Muslim youth group and a neighborhood association launched “anti-Santa campaigns” on Christmas Eve. The youth group known as The Anatolia Youth Association released an illustration of Santa Claus being punched by a bearded Muslim. Or you can just see for yourself in the picture below:


Some sources have noted that the banner reads: “New Years and Christmas celebrations NO!” The group is advocating that Muslims refrain from the temptation of celebrating Christmas and to “return to yourself.” While I will not debate on which religion I believe in, I will ask you the reader to entertain the possibility of progressives using this to forward their agenda. In today’s world nothing is too farfetched anymore. After all, unlikely alliances have happened before.

When it all comes down to it I believe there is indeed a war on Christmas of some sorts. However, it’s not as big as some maybe letting on; but it is happening. Groups out there are slowly and secretly trying to change the landscape of a lot of things. Tradition is being questioned and in some cases thrown out the window like yesterday’s trash. My advice to these people who are on a voyage to break the foundations of society is be careful which pillars you knock over. And lastly if you want tolerance for your beliefs then give it back for what you don’t believe in.